Frequently Asked questions

FAQs - Gymfit X Webflow Template

1. Is there a way I can tour the gym?

Absolutely!  Simply download the app from your phone’s app store and sign up for a membership, this grants you a one (1) day free trial.  If you decide you cannot join now, simply cancel your membership from your app.

2. I just signed up for membership and can’t see the doors, why is that?

First, make sure you are within 50 feet of the door, if you are then there are a couple of things you can check.  From your settings menu go to your location services.  Once there select the Iron 24 mobile and ensure that Location Services is on and that the toggle for Precise Location is on as well.  If you just signed up for membership but have had the app on your phone for a week or two, please make sure you have the most up-to-date app from your Play Store.  If you have checked these two things, from the ‘More’ button on the bottom right-hand side of the mobile app. From here, sign out of the mobile app, close the app completely down, and restart the app.  Once you sign back in, you should now be able to see the doors.  If you do these steps and still have no doors, then from the ‘Help’ icon please submit a support ticket using the ‘Request Support’ button.

3. When I open my app, why can’t I see the gym doors that I have been seeing before today?

If you are within 50 feet of the doors at your local Iron 24 and are unable to see
them the most common way to resolve the issues is to select the
‘More’ button on the bottom right-hand side of the mobile app.  From here, sign out of the mobile app, close the app completely down, and restart the app. Once you sign back in, you should now be able to see the doors.  If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the app from your phone’s app store. If you do, then from the ‘Help’ icon please submit a support ticket using the ‘Request Support’ button.

4. Am I allowed to bring a guest to the gym with my membership?

We encourage you to bring your friends and/or family members to the gym, the one request we have for this is for your guest to download the app in their phone’s app store and sign up to be a member of the gym.  This will grant them a one (1) day free trial to try the gym out for themselves.  If they do not want to pursue membership at this time, they may cancel their membership from the app itself.  From the Home screen, they will need to select More > Manage Subscriptions and then select the Cancel subscription link attached to their membership.

5. Does Iron 24 have a dress code policy?

Yes, we do, but also please remember to be considerate of others in the gym, what may seem appropriate to you may not be appropriate to others.  You must wear closed-toed shoes, a shirt (no profanity or controversial language), and pants or shorts (no blue jeans).  A good rule of thumb would be to ask yourself, “Could I wear this to my grandmother’s house or in a classroom full of elementary students?

6. Can I bring my children to the gym with me?

The age limit for your child to come to the gym with you is 16+, they must be with an adult and must have their own membership as well or it will be considered tailgating.  

7. What is tailgating and why am I being charged for it?

Tailgating is the act of allowing someone to enter the gym with you without properly closing the door behind you and allowing them to open the door using their membership access.  We are raised with manners to hold doors open for people when we are entering or exiting a place, at Iron 24 you must make sure that the door is closed behind you when you are entering or leaving.  When going to other gyms you scan in at the front desk, here at Iron 24 it is done through the mobile app when you open the door.

8. Why am I being charged for tailgating, the person I work out with has a membership?

If you walk into the gym together with only one of you using the app, the system will not know that you both have a membership. Not allowing people to come in directly behind you as you come or go not only keeps you from being tagged for tailgating, it also keeps you and the other members safe.  Someone could pretend to have a membership to get someone to open the door for them, this hurts you as much as it does Iron 24, as they put wear and tear on the equipment you are paying for which may eventually cause a price increase to maintain the equipment.

9. How do I update my credit card on file, it won’t let me through the app?

The easiest way to do this would be to open a Support ticket asking the gym owner to contact you to update your credit card on file.  Please remember to give them a good time to call you so that they don’t reach out to you during your busy day.  Another option would be to locate the gym you signed up for using, here you will find their business phone number and can reach out to the support team for that gym.

10. I put in the wrong phone number and now I can’t verify my phone.  What should I do?

The fastest way to fix this is to close the app and restart the signup process for a new membership.  This will restart the signup process for you to enter in your phone number accurately.  If for some reason it does not allow you to use the original email address, you can use a different email address for signing up to correct the phone number.  If during your membership you change phone numbers, a Support ticket is what you will need to correct the phone number for you.

11. I put in the right email address; but am not receiving a code to verify my email address.  What should I do?

If for whatever reason you are not receiving the code, but you are certain the email address is correct, please check your SPAM folder.  If for some reason it is not in your SPAM as well, simply close the app, then reopen the app to start the signup process again.  If you do not receive a verification email again, please open a Support ticket from the main screen of your app, we may be having issues we are unaware of and we will need your ticket to know something has gone wrong.

12. I lost my phone and had to get a new one.  The app is giving me an ‘Uh-Oh’ error message, what should I do?

Life happens, if you upgrade or replace your phone for any reason, log in to the mobile app and create a support ticket.  Our headquarters can remove your previous phone from our database so that you can enter the gym with your new phone.

13. What is the Wi-Fi password at the gym?

Great question, we wanted your experience to be as easy as possible, no matter which Iron 24 gym you choose, the Wi-Fi password will be GetPumped!

14. I would like to upgrade or downgrade my membership for the Fitness + Recovery package, I can’t seem to do this in the app, how can I do this?

Thank you for your patience as we are still growing. This will be a feature added to your mobile app, but in the meantime, reach out to your gym using the Support ticket function.  They will be able to upgrade/downgrade your membership with ease.

15. May I bring my own equipment to the gym and leave it there for when I work out?

Each Iron 24 is independently owned and operated, so please reach out to the owner using a Support ticket in the app.  Most may say yes, if you feel safe enough to leave it and it fits inside the cubbies, go ahead.  If it is something that requires floor space, please think twice about this as we are not responsible for the misuse, repair, or theft of anything you leave behind at your local Iron 24.

16. Why are you requiring me to take a profile picture of my face?

We require a profile picture of your face for many reasons, the main reason is for our members’ safety.  If something were to happen to you or someone else in the gym while you were working out, we would need to verify who was at the gym at that time.  This is to rule you out as the person involved in the incident. If there are more than 2 people in the gym it would be hard to eliminate someone regarding the incident quickly without having a current photo in your profile picture.


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